About Us


Who We Are

  Ogilvie Cattle Company LLC is a family owned and operated business in Benson AZ.  The majority of our genetics are from the U Bar Ranch in Cliff NM. U Bar cattle are well known and highly desired due to the fertility, performance and efficiency!  Our goal is to produce Angus Cattle that thrive in any environment. So when our clients are looking to add growth and uniformity while still keeping that calving ease and efficiency in their herd --they can rely on the cattle we produce to help meet that need.    


Our Philosophy- Bridging the Gap

  Our experience in the Angus Cattle industry is that there is a large gap between efficiency and production.  The majority of registered Angus Cattle fall into one of the following extremes:

 Option 1. Large framed cows, lots of milk, low efficiency. 


 Option 2. Small framed cows,  very little milk, high efficiency, slower growth 

 We strive to bridge that gap! 

 Developing cattle based upon physical traits, actual performance and genetic testing. We want that versatile cow herd that will thrive on range conditions, has a calf every year, displays fantastic mothering instinct, weans at minimum a 500 lb. calf, possesses an easy going disposition and looks amazing while doing it!!