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The Bull Named Beatty!!


This spring we made the decision to buy a new herd sire bull.

We studied every bull catalog we could get our hands on! Bulls available as far as Oklahoma to California and decided this was the bull for us. Introducing our new herd sire: RJR Inspiration Freight 630 Reg# 18602970. 

This bull has many awesome characteristics that we are excited to see how his offspring will perform! Here are some of his EPD attributes that we wanted:

CED +14 BW -0.7 **a safe choice for our heifers

WW +55 YW +83 ** adding growth 

DMI -0.21 $EN+2.83 **this bull takes less groceries to keep!

$W +63.51 $B +111.99 **the profit his offspring could generate

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We have open and bred registered heifers available for private treaty.  

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Our Background

Ogilvie Cattle Company LLC was created in 2016 when we bought the San Pedro River farm in Benson AZ. Although we are new to Benson, our families have been in Cochise County for over 130 years!  

Why Black Angus?

The American Angus Association is the nation's largest beef breed organization! Striving to promote and improve the Angus breed; from genetic testing to marketing. Even commercial operations are able to benefit by using AngusSource to market your calves!

We Are Looking!!

We are always looking for range country to develop our cattle! If you have country for lease in Cochise County let us know we would love to talk!

Herd Health

Keeping our cattle in optimum health is key to raising the best calf possible and to improve/maintain our herd as a whole. 

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